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** UPDATE – 7 OCTOBER 2023 – I am not taking any Guest Posts at this time. Thank you for your understanding. **

There seems to have been a significant increase in the number of emails I receive from supposedly ‘professional freelance writers’ wanting to guest post on the blog. The vast majority of these emails are written in very poor English and contain no links to samples of their work or social media, and if they do link to their social media it is evident that accounts have been newly created.  Quite often there is no evidence that these people are familiar with my blog at all, though they say otherwise.   It has reached a point where I no longer respond to these emails.  As you could imagine, to respond to them all is very time consuming and as my time is valuable, no longer a good use of my time.  However, these people keep repeatedly emailing, which is why I felt the need to create this page. My blog is a reflection of me and therefore the content and what is published here is very important to me.  The majority of posts are written only by me which and that is how I wish to keep it.  

Please note that the ONLY guest posts I will consider are:

  1. Those that are familiar with my blog, me, my readers and our demographic. Those that are genuine writers, who can write in good english, and who write their own words  genuinely from the heart and who can provide me with links to their social media and samples of their work … and then if all looks good ONLY as part of my Zen Tip Tuesday series.  Please refer to these pages for more information:

About ZTT

How to submit a featured guest post

Gems of Zen (ZTT posts published so far)

2.  A charity that fits with me, my blog, my readers, and that I would like to support.

3.  A guest post by a person known to me on a mutually agreed topic.

4.  A guest/collaborative post where I work with a legitimate business with regards to a service or product that resonates with me and that I think fits with the blog and would interest my readers. 

I’m afraid that any requests that don’t fit with the above four criteria will be deleted and not responded to as I simply do not have the time.

Thank you for your understanding!