Write of the Middle is a personal blog written and edited entirely by myself, Min.  You can read more about me here.

This blog is about:

  1. encouraging women, particularly mothers, to prioritize themselves and to look after their health and wellbeing – spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally
  2. discussing topics around being middle-aged
  3. photography

My Interests:   Photography – the creativity and peace it provides me.  Nature – connecting with nature is good for us.  There is a direct correlation between nature and health!  I love getting outdoors and discovering beautiful new places in nature.  It also provides fantastic inspiration for my photography.  I’m interested in all things that assist myself and my readers to achieve good health, happiness and balance of mind, body and spirit.  I love a good book!  I’m very interested in nutrition and understanding food as medicine as well as important vitamins, minerals and supplements.  I love a low calorie, nutrient dense and tasty recipe!  I enjoy anything inspirational that fills the soul with feel good positivity.


Write of the Middle is my second blog. I have been blogging since 19 September 2012.  Brands I worked with on my previous blog include:


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I love to work with businesses and brands.  I will consider opportunities for blog advertising, newsletter advertising, sponsored posts, sponsored giveaways & various other promotions by negotiation.

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