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  • Closeup of woman's hand drawing mandala with a blue pencil on the wooden table

    Mandala your way to Mindfulness

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #18 Today I’m so pleased to welcome Denyse Whelan as our guest poster for ZTT #18.  I’ve known Denyse (virtually) for many years now.  Denyse is an Aussie blogger and retired…

    May 21, 2019
  • Woman relaxing on yoga mat

    Becoming Unbusy

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #17 I’m so happy to welcome back to the blog my friend and former work colleague Monica Rottmann for ZTT #17.  I interviewed Monica for the blog back in January 2015. …

    May 14, 2019
  • Brendan Lee

    Less is More: Zen as an alcohol free minimalist

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #16 This week for ZTT #16 I’m very happy to welcome our second male contributor to Zen Tip Tuesday – Brendan Lee!  Brendan’s story is such an interesting and inspirational one. …

    May 7, 2019
  • Woman doing a pilates workout.

    Morning Pilates – a great way to start the day

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #15 A big welcome to Barbara (Babs) Rodrigus who is our guest poster for ZTT #15.  Babs is a travel blogger who helps you decide which travel accessories are perfect for…

    April 30, 2019
  • cosy vibes

    Creating your own Zen space at home

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #14 For Zen Tip Tuesday #14 it’s wonderful to welcome Sue Loncaric, a fellow mid-life Brisbane blogger who I’ve met in person several times now.  Sue is such a genuinely kind…

    April 23, 2019
  • Pegs on a clothesline

    Mindfulness in the Mundane

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #13 I’m so happy to welcome and introduce Bronwyn Mandile as our guest poster for ZTT #13.  Bron is well known within the Aussie blogosphere.  I’ve been aware of and known…

    April 16, 2019
  • Wild Koala mother with baby, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia

    Zen on Magnetic Island

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #12 It’s wonderful to welcome Jan Robinson to the ZTT guest post series for ZTT #12.  Jan’s a fellow Aussie mid-life blogger who I’ve met once at a blogger’s lunch here…

    April 9, 2019
  • meditation mudra

    Morning Meditation and Yoga

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #11 For ZTT #11 – I extend a big welcome to Marita Dortins.  Marita has been a yoga teacher since 2001, encouraging people to breathe, to stand tall, and to live…

    April 2, 2019
  • Ladies feet on an acupressure mat

    Use an acupressure mat before sleeping

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #9 This week for ZTT #9 I’m happy to welcome Kate Campion who is sharing with us the benefits of using an acupressure mat – the main one being improved and…

    March 19, 2019
  • Meditation and making it a daily practice

    Meditation & making it a daily practice

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #7 For ZTT #7 I welcome Josee Perron.  Josee is a nature loving adventurer with a passion for words (both writing and reading them) and she enjoys encouraging others to see…

    March 5, 2019
  • Reflexology on feet

    Relaxation techniques on the move!

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #5 For ZTT #5 I welcome Melanie Varey from the UK who shares with us some fabulous relaxation techniques you can do at home and even when you’re on the move…

    February 19, 2019
  • Italian alps, hiking,

    Hiking with a dog in the Italian Alps

    ZEN TIP TUESDAY #4 Welcome to ZTT #4 which is coming to us from Gemma Johnstone.  I met Gemma in my computer!  Isn’t that the way these days?  I’ve met so many incredible people…

    February 12, 2019