Self Investment


At Write of the Middle we encourage you to prioritise yourself so that you can reap the benefits of optimised wellbeing for you & those you love.  You are important too!  We show you the what’s, why’s & how’s via a variety of Snaps, Crackles & Zen! 

Below are posts that may provide a guide to how to invest in yourself.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves and that begins by taking care of ourselves.


Gems of Zen is a series of guest posts, along with some posts by myself on experiences and perspectives on ways and means to achieve a sense of zen!

SELF INVESTMENT – general posts


  1. 14 ways to help rebuild self confidence
  2. Self-Compassion & Self-Care
  3. 10 Ways to Enjoy your Life
  4. Learning, Love & Laughter
  5. Finding your Passion and your Happy Place
  6. Clear your schedule of activities that don’t serve you
  7. Open Minded – The way to go and the way to grow!
  8. Neutralise your inner critic and self-doubter
  9. Face Your Fears
  10. Imagine, Visualize and Believe
  11. Define your goals
  12. Embrace Gratitude
  13. Network with others
  14. Celebrate your achievements!
  15. Feel Better by Eating healthy foods and Exercising


  1. 10 good reasons to introduce regular Digital Detox time into your life
  2. De-clutter your mind
  3. Reconnect to the present
  4. Conduct a self-audit
  5. Get outdoors in nature
  6. Chip away at those elusive little chores
  7. Spend some time with your loved ones
  8. Read a book
  9. Move that body
  10. Review, Plan, Do!

You might be interested in visiting our MINDFULNESS page
which contains links to numerous posts that are also a huge contribution to self-investment.

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