GEM OF ZEN #37 What does it mean to feel joyful?  The word ‘JOYFUL’ is defined as “Feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure or happiness”.    Around this time 2 years ago I wrote a post called What Sparks Joy – Then vs Now. …

April 26, 2021

Managing Home Improvement Induced Anxiety

Home Improvement Induced Anxiety – have you ever seen a post title like that one before?  I wonder if this post is a first?  Read on to better understand what I mean. Painters are coming! At the time this post publishes it will probably…

April 12, 2021

Corona Chronicles #6 – Brisbane Lockdown & Vaccine Rollout

Corona Chronicles time … but before you read on, please note that I am not a medical professional and have no medical expertise. This post is written through the eyes of a middle aged citizen of Brisbane, Australia. If you want expert advice in…

April 5, 2021
tongue twister

I REMEMBER WHEN tongue twisters were fun

Tongue Twisters. Remember when you were a kid and you felt such a supreme sense of accomplishment if you could master one?  I do, and I thought I was pretty good at it too. I thought it would be fun to take a trip…

March 29, 2021
flora, dove lake, cradle mountain, tasmania

Taking Stock – March 2021

I usually do my quarterly Taking Stock posts right at the end of the month but I felt like doing this one now  It’s the first one for 2021 and there’s been a lot happened since the last one in December 2020, so why…

March 22, 2021
dog, cavalier king charles spaniel, ava

Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs

AVA, COLBY & CHELSEA Most readers would know that I have a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named ‘Ava’ who I love and adore.  She turned 8 last September (2020) so at the time of writing this she is nearly 8 1/2 years of…

March 18, 2021
beach, burleigh heads, gold coast

Burleigh Heads

We recently had six nights at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and boy was it appreciated, and needed. I find that I need regular grounding and resetting by getting some time in nature of the kind that I can’t really get at home. …

March 8, 2021

Coffee Catch Up Time

COFFEE CATCH UP TIME Take a seat and grab a tea or coffee and one of my virtual scones with jam and cream.  So how are you?  No, how are you really?!  So often we automatically say “Good thanks, how are you?”, but are…

February 15, 2021
sky, clouds, and sea

21 Quick Ideas to Find Calm in 2021

GEM OF ZEN #36 Today I welcome Natalie from Natalie the Explorer as my first GOZ guest post for 2021!  I’ve known Natalie in the online world for quite some time now as we both link up with some of the same link up…

February 8, 2021


WHAT IS CREATIVITY? “Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.” “Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.” “Creativity is the act of…

February 4, 2021

Completing the Stress Cycle

GEM OF ZEN #35 Hello and welcome to the 35th GOZ in our treasure chest and the very first for 2021. I’ve decided to write this one myself, but as I mentioned last week, it is open for guest posts! ⇐ All details on…

February 1, 2021

Gems of Zen

Zen Tip Tuesday In January 2019 I kicked off a little idea I had on the blog called Zen Tip Tuesday – a new guest post series that I too contributed a few posts to whenever an appropriate idea came to me. Contributed posts…

January 25, 2021