Marguerite Louise Photography

What sparked my interest in photography?

It was while I was doing a *365 Grateful Project at my first blog that I discovered a love of photography. I realised that while I was taking photographs, my mind was quiet and focused only on my subject and how best to get the photograph I had envisioned in my mind. I felt at peace and I also experienced exhilaration and joy when I captured a photograph I was really happy with.

I decided to attend a local one-day workshop where you were taught how to use your DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera on manual rather than auto. I loved it! It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I wanted to learn more.

In mid 2013, I then decided to sign up to The Photography Institute to do an on-line Diploma of Professional Photography. I graduated with a Diploma of Professional Photography in October 2014.

[* read more about the 365 Grateful Project I didHERE]

Since I had a Diploma of Professional Photography, I should be a photographer and start a business, right?

MLP Logo_tagline

I went with the flow and did what most of my fellow photography students were doing.  In August 2014 I registered the business name of Marguerite Louise Photography.  Marguerite is my ‘given’ first name and Louise is my ‘middle’ name. Originally, I was going to use the name Marguerite Photography but there were other Marguerite Photography’s in the world and I wanted my name to be unique.

My tagline is ‘capturing mindful moments‘ because photography takes me to my happy place, where my mind is clear, with no thoughts other than focusing on the subject of which I am shooting and how best to capture what I see.  It takes me straight into ‘mindfulness’ and ‘being present’ which is a wonderful place to be and the basis upon why photography became such a joy for me.

What were my intentions with this photography business?  To be honest, I had a few ideas but I wasn’t entirely sure.  All I know is that once the pressure was on to be a ‘business’, I lost the joy in photography.  I felt pressure to be earning money and to be successful in business.  The result was that once the joy stopped, my momentum stopped, and I stopped taking photographs.

I had created a Facebook page for Marguerite Louise Photography but I have currently suspended it.  It is still there but not published or visible to the public.  The Instagram page is still there but not active.

I will ponder Marguerite Louise Photography and if it has a future for a bit longer.  I have come to realise that photography for me is not about being a service to other people by taking photographs that they want.  Photography for me is about spontaneity, conveying a mood or ambience, and capturing moments in time.  For me, it’s a tool for mindfulness and being present, and the only service to other people that I hope to offer is to transport them to a place and time and to make them ‘feel’.

Instead of providing links and contact details for my photography ‘business’, I’ve decided instead to share a few of my favourite photos here with you.  I’ll keep you posted on the future plans for Marguerite Louise Photography.

Hope you enjoy the photographs!


*Gallery of photographs coming very soon*