Skin Care Saturday #46 – Plant Oils: ancient, unique and huge variety

December 8, 2018
oil, geranium, leaves, plant oil, flowers, essential oil,

oil, geranium, leaves, plant oil, flowers, essential oil,

Welcome to Skin Care Saturday #46

Earlier this year, in April, I shared the news that Anne McBride, Co-Founder and developer of the WomanOil8 Australia products, would be writing a regular column on plant oils for skin care in the Natural Health Society of Australia‘s magazine – True Natural Health.   I’ve already shared her first column, Part 1 – What our skins likesecond column, Part 2 – The Role of Oils and third column, Part 3 – Beauty Secrets of the Ancients.

The Natural Health Society of Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1960.  The Society shows through simple, drug-free, lifestyle modifications how to prevent illness and early ageing.  Their quarterly magazine ‘True Natural Health’ promotes lifestyle for the prevention of illness and premature ageing, recognising that prevention is far better than cure. 

I now share Anne’s fourth column for the 2018/19 summer edition of True Natural Health:  Part 4 – Plant oils: ancient, unique and huge variety.  I hope you enjoy the read!

plant oils, ancient, unique, variety, skincare, natural skin care, botanical oils, natural plant oils,


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