Skin Care Saturday #57 – SCS Posts Ad Hoc from this point on

March 2, 2019
Plant Oils for skin care

Plant Oils for skin care

Welcome to Skin Care Saturday #57

Well hello there! 

We’ve come a long way since my first Skin Care Saturday (SCS) post just over a year ago back in January 2018.  We’ve looked at all the Gorgeous Woman and ManOil8 products, and we have looked at all of the 29 ingredients.  Over the last 12+ months we’ve managed to create a lovely resource of information on the two skin care ranges produced by WomanOil8 Australia.  

It’s time now to cease weekly Skin Care Saturday posts, but there will still be some ad hoc posts whenever there are topics or information that I would like to share, so keep watch for those.

I will recycle the 57 SCS posts periodically on social media (most likely on my Gorgeous Woman Skin Care Facebook page) to ensure they are seen and benefitted from.

So until the next Skin Care Saturday post remember that …

Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin

Ciao for now

Gorgeous Woman Area Distributor
Min’s Online Shop  |  Gorgeous Woman Skin Care Facebook Page

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