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  • the 50's deep shift

    The 50’s deep shift

    A positive from 2020 2020 has been a challenging and very different year for us all.  On the positive side, it’s given us a lot of time for reflection. For me has come a…

    October 29, 2020
  • beauty, gorgeous, fifties, 50's, gorgeous 50's, beauty

    The Gorgeous 50’s – Beauty

      If you recall, in my introductory post to the new Write of the Middle (WOTM) ‘Gorgeous 50’s series’, I said that the series was inspired by a book given to me by one…

    July 20, 2017
  • menopause, perimenopause, life after 50, women's health, the change of life

    20 truths about life after 50 for women

    Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many. It is true that it is a privilege to grow older and I’ve no doubt that anyone still here and in good…

    August 30, 2016
  • women, ladies, middle-aged, middle-aged women

    Tips for Self-Investment – Fit, Fab & 50 Challenge

    Just recently I was approached to write an article to be included in Dairy Australia’s ‘Fit, Fab & 50 Challenge’, as part of Healthy Bones Action Week.  I was asked to write a piece…

    August 9, 2016