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    Mindful in May – Week 1

    I’m participating in Mindful in May, a transformative one month online mindfulness program which brings together the world’s best meditation teachers, wellbeing experts and neuroscientists to teach you the tools to transform your mind…

    May 10, 2018
  • International Dance Day

    Dance, a form of body language through movement and expression that transcends language barriers and is universally understood.  So much can be communicated through facial expressions and movement.  Stories can be told, and emotions…

    April 26, 2018
  • Learning, Love & Laughter

    Learning, Love and Laughter are all essential parts of life that feed our hearts and souls, make us happy, contribute to our sense of well-being and of course our self-confidence. Let me explain my…

    October 16, 2015
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    14 ways to help rebuild self-confidence

    As someone who has experienced a loss of self-confidence, I’ve learned a few things about how to go about rebuilding it. It’s a real blow when you’ve been a reasonably confident person or even…

    July 14, 2015
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    Mindful Monday: Read a book!

    This post is Part 7 of a 10 part series that is an extension of this post I wrote on the subject of the importance of introducing some regular Digital Detox time in our…

    June 15, 2015