Wednesday Words & Whimsy

Linkup Party for Bloggers


Wednesday Words & Whimsy is a weekly linkup for bloggers

(A linky for all bloggers across the globe – started Wednesday 25 October 2023)

WEDNESDAY … because we will connect as a blogging community every Wednesday!

WORDS … because as bloggers, we all love crafting our words and sharing them, or we wouldn’t blog!


WHIMSY … because I’ve always been drawn to this word and because it means cool stuff like:

    • playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour
    • unusual, funny, and pleasant ideas or qualities
    • an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

… and I love authentic and interesting people with fanciful ideas and humour so whimsy just seemed perfect!

Here’s some GUIDELINES of what you need to know:

  • Anyone across the globe can join in. 
  • You can link up a post (old or new) on any subject BUT if any post feels inappropriate or not suitable for our blogging community & demographic then it may be removed. Posts that might fall into this category may be those that express strong religious or political views, for example. We want to keep the linkup a fun place to connect and share.
  • You can link up just ONE POST from your blog per week.
  • The linkup will open at 6am (5am during Daylight Savings months) every Wednesday (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and close at 6am every Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
  • I will read and comment on all posts linked up. 
  • It’s recommended that along with reading and commenting on the host’s post that you try and read and comment on a couple of other posts that are linked up. It really helps to create a happy and fun sense of community where everyone feels heard and valued and it’s really not hard to do.  PLEASE DON’T LINK & RUN!  To link and run means you’ve linked up your post but you’ve not commented on the host’s post nor any of the other posts that have linked up. It’s bad blogging etiquette and not fair to the others. It’s not expected that you read and comment the minute you link up a post but it would generally be expected that you would before the following week’s #WWWhimsy linkup opens, so that’s within 7 days of a linkup opening (and 5 days after it closes). If someone links and runs more than once, contact will be made with them to *remind* them to please engage with the community, and if they don’t have time to, then they will be advised to please don’t link up unless they do. If it happens again then any post they link up will be removed. It’s not fair to all the others who link up their posts and take the time to read and comment thoughtfully on their post … and linkups (or ‘link parties’) are all about kindness, community, and connections!
  • Please feel free to use the above LOGO on your blog to indicate you link with the #WWWhimsy linkup but please link it back to this page or the Write of the Middle home page.
  • Finally, please support and spread the word about the linkup so that it will thrive and continue as a source of community for bloggers to connect and share, and ENJOY!