How to Submit a Featured Guest Post

How to have your Gem of Zen featured on Write of the Middle

Want to contribute a guest post to be featured as part of the Gems of Zen series?  It’s so easy!  Just send me an email at with your topic idea and we can go from there. 

Please note that I will only accept genuine posts on appropriate topics from people who are opening their hearts and sharing from experience and/or expertise. I will not accept posts from people or organisations just wanting to plant a link on my blog to increase their domain authority ranking and/or to increase sales of their product or service.

Here’s some more detail:

More tips as to what makes a good ‘Gem of Zen’ to share:

  • What stills your mind, quietens your busy chattering ‘monkey’ mind?  What is it that you do, what activity or place or thing has that affect on you?
  • What calms you down when you’re feeling stressed or anxious or too riled up in some way?  Where do you go?  What do you do to calm yourself and/or bring you peace?
  • What helps you to feel more balanced (mind, body, spirit).  Do you have a daily ritual?  Is there intentional lifestyle choices you’ve put in place to help keep you feeling balanced?  Is there one specific thing that is your ‘go to’ for when you’re feeling out of balance?  

Here’s where you can see all the GEMS OF ZEN (guest posts) published in the series thus far.  

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